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"when she drew on him with a soft sucking motion, he made a very unmanly sound"

Tada! Finally a snippet from my story Sugarshuttle Express. It's available SINGLY without illustrations (apparently Kindle, Smashwords etc nix the pics) or as part of the amazing print collection Naked Delirium. I hope you'll check it out. I recommend the paperback if you can swing it, the illustrations are gorgeous and Sweetmeats Press puts out some nice books. Hefty books. Good stuff! If you want to see an example look Sweetmeats Press up on Facebook for some examples.

Away we go. Happy weekend. I have high hopes. Street fair, Doctor Who, lots of...not doing anything. Copious amounts of that, in fact.


From Sugarshuttle Express by Sommer Marsden

“It’s pink,” Wren cooed and Daniel watched her shake the tiny container.
“Indeed it is, pretty lady.  It just naturally dries that way but it’s a nice touch.  Pretty ladies like pretty treats.”   The guy — his name was Tate — touched Wren’s fingertip.  Daniel felt himself bluster, a ripple working through him and the urge to grab the guy and clock him.  But he didn’t.
“Look, Danny.  It’s pink,” Wren said again.
When she smiled at him and entirely different urge thrust through the middle of him.  Not the urge to attack but the urge to kiss.  She was so fucking gorgeous.  Some part of him had hoped this little trip of theirs would bring them closer.  Maybe show Wrenny — he was the only one allowed to call her that name — that deep down she loved him as much as he loved her.
Or maybe they’d at least fuck.
“I see,” Daniel said.
“It’s a quick ride.  About three days.  Clean, too,” Tate said, studying the swell of Wren’s tits as he gave his spiel.  “All natural.  I mean, darlin’, we don’t even dye it,” he said, touching the small container.  The root is swirled red and white, sort of looks like a beet, and when we dry it and then grind it it’s…”
“Pink,” she laughed.
“Pink,” the dealer echoed.
“Wow.  What will it do?”
“Make you horny, make you happy, mellow…You’ll appreciate the simple things even more,” Tate said laughing.  “There’s euphoria and affection…”
Daniel’s ear had stuck on horny.
“Sugarshuttle,” Wren said.  “I’d heard about it.  And wanted to try but…” she shrugged and it did amazing things for her breasts.  Her soft grey-blue eyes found Danny and she winked at him.
It went straight to his cock.  He looked away, coughed once.  Tried to push away a vivid mental image of sucking a fetching pebbled nipple between his lips.
“Sugarshuttle Express,” the guy said.  “Clean, fast ride.  No stops, no bumps, no lows.  Worst case scenario, you’ll bang your way through your hiking trip.”
This time he eyed Danny and chuckled.
“Ready?” Daniel asked Wren.
She paid the man and tucked the small container of pink powder in her bra.  God, the woman had a magnificent set of breasts.  But she also had beautiful eyes, gorgeous honey hair, the most perfect ass to grace planet Earth, and a heart of gold.
Easy there, cowboy.  He shook his head, annoyed with himself.
“Ready Danny?”
“Ready,” he said.
“Danny.”  The dealer nodded at him, winked again.  Jerk.
Or maybe you just think he’s a jerk because he’s good looking and cool as the fucking proverbial cucumber.
“It’s Daniel,” Danny said and walked out the door.
She caught up to him with a little run — the girl was like a rabbit.  When she grabbed his arm, it crushed the pillow of her breasts to his arm and Danny felt his face go hot.  Jesus, would that knee-jerk reaction to blush never end?  Nor the automatic imagining of burying himself between her long coltish thighs.  Sinking into her heat.  Making her say his name.
“Why were you so mean to him?” she laughed, bouncing along beside him.  “We only have a few days to hike this trail, I thought we could have fun.  I thought you’d have fun.”
“I am having fun.”  Christ, even he didn’t believe his own words.
“Liar,” she snickered.  “But that’s okay.  I’ve got my best friend, a walking trail and one of the cleanest, most natural, exhilarating highs ever.”
“So you’ve read.”
“So I’ve read.  And Marylou did it.  She said it was awesome.  It’s when man starts mucking around with chemicals that you get problems, Danny.  But nature…nature knows what she’s doing.”
Wren took out the small plastic vial and shook it.  “Want some?”
“No thanks.  If it’s not so clean, not so pure, not so…whatever, one of us needs to be clear headed.”
Horny…Danny coughed and shook off the thought.
“Suit yourself.  But there’s plenty if you change your mind.  He told me half.”
She stuck out her pretty pink tongue — causing a rush and a stir in poor Danny’s pants — and poured roughly half the vial of powder along its length.  Then Wren winked and swallowed.
“How’s it taste?” he asked, curious.  It also helped him control his body’s urge to give him a sporting erection.
“Like…flour,” she said.  “Sort of.”
“Not really,” she laughed, bumping him playfully again.  Squashing her chest to his arm again.  Making him crazy…again.  “But it’s what it does, not so much what it tastes like.  Now hurry!” Wren laughed.
She grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the waiting VW Beetle.  “Drive us to the trail where we can park so we can get this fun started.  I figure by the time we get there, the Sugarshuttle Express should be pulling out.”  Then she belted out “Wooo-woooo!” like a train and even Danny couldn’t help but laugh.

She seemed fine.  She seemed perfectly normal as they grabbed their packs and started to gear up.  She seemed the normal, chatty, sexy, perfect-girl Wren as they walked the first mile.  Then she found a fern.
“It’s a fern,” she said, eyes shining.
Daniel nodded.  “Yep.  It’s a fern and there…” he pointed.  “There’s a whole slew of ferns.”
She laughed, eyes shining and dropped down to examine the bright green fronds.  “I see.”
She turned to him.  “Come here.  You have to look.”
You’ll appreciate the simple things even more…  He heard Tate in his head.
Daniel shuffled forward, feeling a stab of unease.  But she smiled and she laughed and she grabbed him by his belt buckle and yanked.  He had no choice — stumble forward or fall.
“I said come here.”  She smiled up at him and then pointed to the fern.  He looked, nodded…
“Yeah?”  His voice went up just then because with calm and nimble fingers she was wrestling his buckle.  “Hey, um…Wrenny…”
“Shhh,” she said.  “I want it.”
“You do?”
“I do.  Come on.  It’ll be fun.  Aren’t you tired of always being my well behaved male friend?”
Fuck yes.
“I just don’t want you to think you have to—“
“Shut.  Up.  Danny.”  The buckle clanked and in the soft air of the forest he literally heard the fabric around his button release.  And then the quiet tearing rip of his zipper going down and then…Oh fuck.
“Shutting up,” Danny confirmed as his best friend tugged his pants down.
When his cock sprang free and he watched her — her — inch out her blushing pink tongue to lick his flushed glans, his knees felt like they might buckle on him.
“You think I’m perfect, Danny.  I’m not perfect.  Aren’t you tired of thinking that?”  She sucked the tip of him into the heated cushion of her mouth and when she drew on him with a soft sucking motion, he made a very unmanly sound.
“I don’t think that,” he lied.
Wren shuffled forward on her knees and her head bobbed lower.  Her peach colored lips were now firmly half way down his cock and his gut was alive with a buzzing like electricity.  She hummed gently, smiling, and the vibration skittered along his skin and inside his blood.  Tiny white dots started to float in his vision and Danny sucked in a breath.  That was what he’d been missing…oxygen.
She broke free of him, gasping like a swimmer breaking the surface.  Innocent and yet knowing grey eyes looked up, regarding him.  Wren drew her tongue slowly — sensually — along her bottom lip and then smiled.  “You are lying Danny Brooks.  But that’s okay.  I can prove I’m not perfect — unless perfectly imperfect is what you mean.”
He started to say something and she hushed him.  She was all business now.  Her small, slim fingered hands anchoring themselves at the tops of his thighs.  Out in the woods there was very little noise but for the built in soundtrack of birds and bugs and he heard her breathing, breathing like someone who was immensely turned on.
And she took great breaths in through her nostrils as she pushed her charming mouth lower, taking every inch of his hard cock until he felt the soft brush of her mouth on the very root of him.  When her fingers came up to graze over his pubic hair for just a heartbeat before dipping to cradle his balls, Danny knew he was screwed.
In the best possible way.
She drew on him again, sucking like she was sucking on a straw or a hard candy, her fingers tracing the thin tissue of his sac, sending a shudder through him.  Her eyes found him again, she gave him a half grin, mouth full of him and he felt the wiggle, lick, slide of her tongue on the back of his dick and he was done.
“Wrenny —“ But that was as far as he got.  His fingers plunged into her wheat-colored hair and he forgot how very perfect she was and he very briskly, very unmannerly, fucked her pretty mouth until he was cumming with a groan that quieted the forest for just an instant.
Wren dropped back onto her elbows and regarded him.  “See?”
Danny chuckled, running a shaking hand through is hair.  “You think that a stellar blow job makes you an imperfect girl?
She rolled her eyes.  “Eat my pussy, Danny,” she said.

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