Saturday, September 1, 2012

"You don't shit where you eat"

Apparently not many people have heard that turn of a phrase. Or maybe not people in the erotica genre. Go read THIS by Alison Tyler and then I'll tell you, I've been trying to write a similar post on the same topic for a long time. Only I keep ending up spewing obscenities and basically Hulking out. So, I haven't.

Common Sense...

Writers, think twice before you crap on your editors. Your publishers. Your fellow writers. Because you never know when a fellow writer might become an editor...or even a publisher. Plus, the bottom line is we are all people. And personally, as an editor, if I bend over backward to work with you and then you shoot me with your flare gun in the name of truth and opinion and all that stuff...if you take a machete to my work and my ideas or even--in some cases--me as a person, I will agree wholeheartedly that is indeed your right to have that opinion. Sure thing. But let's face it, kids, I probably won't bend over backwards to work with you again. Because that, boys and girls, would make me stupid.

And as the lady says: you had better be way secure in your brilliance before you run around tearing others down. That's the whole point in a nutshell. The End.



  1. On the whole I'd agree with you on this. Partly, I think the problem is that new writers don't have much idea of what, for instance, editors do or how hard their job is.

    However, just to perhaps play the devil's advocate, there is an exception to be made in the case of publishers who behave egregiously.

    With the success of FSOG, I'm seeing a lot of very exploitative start-ups. I value the occasions when a writer I admire warns me off certain people who are acting unethically.

    Also, I'm afraid I do shit where I eat. I gave Circlet Press a very hard time for their tweets from the slush-pile. I have nothing but respect and affection for Cecilia Tan, but if it's WRONG, I'm gonna say so.

  2. This blog was strictly about low balling books you appear in the 'reviewer' appears in. Not about writers networking or warning each other about new publishers/editors/or practices. That is invaluable and if I was referring to that I would have mentioned it specifically. This is about *reviews*. Not tweets, not networking, not calls for submission, not any other thing we can pull out of the writers tool kit. It is not about "Hey you might not want to submit to them..." or "What the hell are you tweeting this for?"...this is about "I'm in this book and I hated story X and story Y and the font and the cover and..."



  3. Your first three lines says it perfectly, Sommer. As an author we never know who we might work with, be it publisher or editor and that person just might be an author published under a different name. And giving a bad review on an anthology that your work appears isn't the brightest move to make either.


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