Friday, September 14, 2012

zombie love...

Zombie love

Here are two of my zombie love poem submissions so far. Keep 'em coming! You still have weeks to go before we close the contest. (see the top right side bar for info).

That's the whole blog, folks. I am no longer an endoscopy virgin as of 7 a.m. this morning. It went well but I'm sorta tired, like lazy and not wanting to do anything-ish. So I'm reading Ray Bradbury and watching TV. And the dachshund is looking at me as I lay sprawled on the sofa as if to say: "'re in my spot!"

I figured I'd give you something fun today! Enjoy.


Three Brains 
by t'Sade

Crawling around her house
My cold heart no longer beats
In my slimy, rotting chest.
I remember love for her...
Or at least the growing hunger
That resides in my belly.

I don't remember what brought me back.
I guess it was the dim memory
Of her breasts straining in her shirt:
"If these were brains"

I love her brains, all three of them.
Maybe she'll let me worship them.

And love her forever...


Zombie Groupie
(sung to the tune of Green Acres)
by Kissa Starling

Grave-yards are the place to be,
Sexy undead all around me,
Twirl that tattered clothing far and wide,
Tongue me zombie and take me for a ride.

The bite!    Sooo right!
Stiff Dick!  Me lick!

I give my life, you'll see no strife.

Just kill me zombie friend!

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