Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yeah, that...


There's something to be said for those unexpected moments when a fire that's always stoked gets a bit hotter and flares into full blown flames. Even if that unexpected moment is just a kiss. A stolen one. In the kitchen. While the mother-in-law sits at the dinner table with the kids, chattering and laughing.

Not a peck or a smooch, but a kiss. A hands in the hair, he's cupping the back of your head and it's like you've just started dating and can't help but touch one another kiss. A movie kiss. Yeah...that kind.

People ask me how I keep writing all this love and sex and romance stuff. I'm an old married fogie, right? The answer is easy. Stolen kitchen movie kisses and so, so, so much more.



  1. What happened to these characters that would have them both crying and the woman tortured by nightmares.

  2. And that is yet another reason why I am so jealous of your life Sommer. Incredible talent, and a wonderful husband who keeps the inspiration coming.

    You are blessed my friend.


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