Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another busy, swept away day...

Luckiamute Falls

I'm popping in to say I'm double booked again today for my Divination Falls blog tour. I'd rather be too busy than not busy enough.

Today is stop 3 and 4. Yay!

#3 is Tabitha Rayne, a fellow Xcite and award winning author. I'm over at HER BLOG talking about secret places. If you think I mean your naughty parts, not quite. ;)

#4 is the lovely Lucy Felthouse, a phenom in the erotica community. She's a writer and a promoter and a...candlestick maker. Okay. Maybe not. But she does a lot. I'm at HER BLOG talking about unlovable people falling in love.

Please stop by and say hi. Giveaways mentioned below, apply. Of course they do!


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