Monday, November 12, 2012

For some reason I like noon...

But ya know, morning or night works for me, too. I'm easy *cough*. Speaking of Morning, Noon and Night, Alison Tyler's blog tour for her lovely new book is live tomorrow. Here's the lineup. Come say hi, no matter what time of day it is!

11/13 Alison Tyler
11/14 Sasha White
11/15 Vida Bailey
11/16 Cheyenne Blue
11/17 Donna George Storey
11/18 Aisling Weaver
11/19 Teresa Noelle Roberts
11/20 Cora Zane
11/21 Angell Brooks
11/22 Justine Elyot
11/23 Kristina Lloyd
11/24 Preston Avery
11/25 Ashley Lister
11/26 Victoria Janssen
11/27 Always Each Other
11/28 Tamsin Flowers hosts Jeremy Edwards
11/29 Tenille Brown
11/30 Kat Watson
12/1 Alison Tyler
12/2 Sommer Marsden

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