Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here's When I Wish I Was a Crazy Used Car Salesman...

I'd have signs and a dancing gorilla and a roller skating hottie in satin shorts. What a deal! It's a steal! Come see us TODAY! Heh.

For a limited time (not sure how long), all my Excessica novels are being offered at a reduced price. That would include Angry Sex, Learning to Drown, Big Bad, Long Lost, Christmas Break, etc. Not just on Excessica, but on Amazon, Fictionwise, ARe etc. Most have gone from 6.99 and up to 4.99 across the board. Some may be lower at 2.99. If the new price is not reflected at your favorite vendor (it will show as the regular price since this is not a sale) it will soon.

Stuff that Black Friday shopping sack while you can. Fill your stocking! Deck your get it. I don't know when they'll go back up so get 'em while you can! :)


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