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House Party: Sommer Lovin'...

Sommer Lovin' is actually my two shorter collections, Buckle Down and Taking Care of business, smushed into one larger collection.  More um...bang for your buck, if you will. ;) Here's a taste of the one of the smaller collection's title story and a personal favorite. A procrastinator + a Dom-ish man + a nice leather belt = Buckle Down.

I have no idea where the inspiration came from. It's not as if *cough* I'm a procrastinator or anything. *ahem* :S

I'll draw from any comments after November 10th for a $10 All Romance eBooks gift certificate.


Buckle Down

Edward watches me make my tea. Cut my cheese and lay out my
crackers. He watches me add grapes, check the phone messages,
nibble the food, wash a dish.
“If you keep stalling you’ll never pass your exam,” he observes.
I look up, blinking as if I am just realizing he is there. “I’m fine.
I’ll do fine. I’m just…”
“Puttering,” I correct.
“I’m pretty sure I’m right.”
I snort but say nothing.
“You need to buckle down,” he says.
I blow out a huge breath and shut my eyes-count to ten. “I try. I
do. But I can’t. My brain is racing and I’m so afraid I’ll fuck up that
I can’t even focus.”
He cocks his head, watching me intently. “Maybe you need
I laugh, thinking that he’s kidding. But I should know better.
This is Edward. Serious to my flighty, intense to my laid back, clever
to my spastic (at times). “Money?” I ask, being a smart-ass.
He shakes his head, still watching me.
“Shoes?” I ask, getting excited.
“Go to the bathroom and then meet me at your desk,” he says
and then leaves the room with me wondering what the fuck he’s
talking about.
I mumble to myself. I fret and I twitch and I worry, I find that
when Edward is secretive I find is thrilling but a bit scary. I find
him in our bedroom at the small student desk that has become my
“Sit,” he says.
He grins at me. “Cheeky. Now sit.”
I drop into the seat and wait.
“Wait, sorry. Stand.” He laughs at himself.
I stand and try not to complain. I want to know what the hell
he’s doing. “Now take off your pants and knickers and then sit.”
“What!” I yelp. “Are you high?”
He whacks me rather hard on the bottom with the ruler that he’s
had secreted behind his back. “Do it. Now.”
My face is hot with surprise but my body goes warm and lights
up from the sudden and unexpected snap of that plastic to my body.
I drop my pants, my drawers and though it feels odd, I sit. His
dark eyes-dark like coffee at my favourite café-are on me and he
licks his lips. Edward takes his belt and binds my thighs to the chair
seat. “Now you stay here until I come and get you. No getting up.
No excuses.” Edward leans in and I can smell his cologne-something
woody and spicy and with the undertones of earth and leaves in the
forest. I can nearly count the dark bits of stubble pushing through
his skin. He runs the blunt tip of a finger along my lower lip and
says “No sandwiches, no potty breaks, no new socks, no cigarettes,
no candy. Sit-arse in the seat-and study.”
Just considering this makes me crawly and nervous and restless.
But I nod because he comes around behind me, his chest to my
back, his hands finding my lap, his fingers probing my pussy. He
slides a finger into me and curls it so a stab of pleasure shoots
through my pelvis. “And if I do that…”
“You get a nice reward,” he says and pats my head. He chuckles
darkly and kisses my hair and leaves me there. With my books and
my naked legs buckled to the desk chair.
“Right. Buckle down. Let’s go.” I blow out a breath and steady
my heart.
It only takes a moment for me to start talking to myself. “You
could just unbuckle yourself, Carling. He’d never know. You could
pull that bit back and let it fall open and…” I sigh and study the
highlighted parts of my book. Who knew there were so many parts
to the human body? Who knew they did so many things? Who the
fuck knew that being a nurse would be so complicated?
I force myself to go still and read about insulin, the pancreas
and Diabetes. It’s one of the diseases I will be tested on and I am
trying hard to focus and not play with the silver buckle on the black
belt. At some point my body calms and my legs stop pressing up
against the restrictive leather. At some point my mind focuses. At
some point I am fully involved with my studies instead of trying to
figure a good excuse to get up and move around.
“How goes it?”
I look up to find him in the hallway, lurking like some beautiful
dark shadow. I feel my nipples spike under my thin cotton pulloverhe’s
allowed me to keep my top on at least. I feel my pussy go wet
and receptive and I wonder if I’m leaving little trails of desire on the
“Good,” I say, shocked to find that I mean it.
“Good girl.”
More fluids. More eager fluttering deep in my pussy. More
excited tingles and twitters in my belly. “Thank you.”
“I’ll be back,” he says and disappears...

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  1. *grin* So that's how to deal with procrastination? I like...


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