Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kiki Howell: The Story Behind Story

I was very excited when I saw the submission call for the Hungry For Love antho being that I am not only a paranormal author but also a diabetic. Problem was, I'd never written a zombie story before. But, I have written stories about necromancy, where sorcery is used to conjure the dead, usually to look into the future. But, this story was my world, so I pushed a bit, stretched my imagination, and found a place where someone born a necromancer, with special skills to raise the dead, could be kidnapped and used in a spell to raise an army of zombies. Then I set the story in an old factory because I liked the idea of scary scenes written in delapidated rooms - don't judge now ! LOL And, Zombie Factory was started...

I guess as authors we all start from what we know and find our way to our story. I read, here on Sommer's blog, actually, in one of the first story behind the story posts, that Alison Tyler had done the same in a way, not being a paranormal author, she found her way to a zombie story through a bit of a different path, through the use characters watching a zombie movie. Curious, I went to that story first as I started to read the anthology. 

That fun hot and sexy fun was Alison Tyler's Head Full of Zombie story. I appreciated the old-time feel of the setting, the little touches of zombie movie feel around the whole plot, and of course, the heated sex that I have come to REALLY love in Alison Tyler's work. She never disappoints! 

I have to admit though, I was so engrossed in where the sexual escapades had gone that my heart gave a little skip for a few reasons in the end, a little surprise for reader and character that could have gone several ways *winks* 

Okay, I'm going back in for more. Can't wait to read all the stories in this anthology that I am just so thrilled to be a part of :)

More about Kiki Howell:

Ever since she was young, Kiki Howell has loved to listen to a well-woven tale with real characters, inspired plots, and delightful resolutions. Kiki could spend hours lost in a book, and soon she knew that creating lives, loves, and losses with just words had to be the greatest thing that she could do. To that end, she pursued her study of literature and writing, earning a bachelor’s degree in English. She then followed in a Master’s program in Creative Writing.

She has now had over thirty stories published between eleven different publishers.  She could not be more thrilled or grateful to see her creations polished and out in the real world. Although, a bit of caution, most of her stories tend to hang out on the graphically sexy side of town.

In May, 2011, Kiki was chosen as an Ohioana Book Festival author for her novel, Torn Asunder. 

Kiki resides in the Midwest with her incredibly handsome and talented, singer/songwriter husband and two children. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her family, reading, baking or knitting.

Kiki's most current work is the paranormal, romantic suspense novel, Hidden Salem, released in October 2012.

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  1. Kinky Kiki! Loved the story my dear. This whole collection is my first "Coming Together" anthology. But I'm definitely putting the others on my MUST BUY list.

    Sommer, thanks for the peeks into the closets of your incredible authors.


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