Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Story Behind the Story: Blacksilk

When I saw that there was an erotic zombie anthology in the works, I knew I had to get involved for two main reasons. The first was that I am a massive geek and slightly nerdy anthology themes like this one really appeal to my inner twelfth-level ranger. Although I still haven't watched enough zombie films (because who has?), I'm a big zombie fan. In fact, there was a good few months of my life where my erotic side had to take a big step back because I was too busy being obsessed with playing Left 4 Dead to write my sex blog. Zombies are awesome.

The second reason was that I considered it a real challenge. I haven't been writing erotic fiction properly for long and a story that skirted between horror and eroticism sounded a good thing to try to stretch my writing muscles. I really wanted to do a story featuring sex with a zombie as opposed to “some zombies and some sex” because I figured that if I could make fucking the undead sexy, well, I could probably write anything sexy.

But a solid idea escaped me. Little snippets of hooks and settings plagued me, but none called to me enough to run with. I knew a story had to grab me by the balls to work. Finally, I said to myself that if I didn't get anything in the next day, I'd stop stressing and give up. That, of course, is when it came to me and Last Man on Earth was born.

I knew that Sommer wanted to be surprised if we were going for zombie sex and I really wanted to achieve that, so I picked what I felt was an usual take on the zombie theme. For a start, in my story, there's a singular zombie. He's not even dead. In fact, he's more of a L4D-style “Infected”.

I'm not giving away too much (the clue is in the title, after all) by saying that the idea for my story was inspired by the graphic novel series Y: The Last Man, which you should really read if you haven't. It's amazing. In any case, with men scarce in a post-zombocalypse world, what would happen to possibly the Last Man on Earth? And what would young women do to get their hands on him?

More about Blacksilk....

Blacksilk is a sex blogger and fledgling erotic writer from Cardiff whose latest story recently won the Lovehoney Erotic Story Competition, becoming the lead story for the soon-to-be-released anthology Take Your Partner and other tales of seduction. When not writing smut, reviewing sex toys or drawing filthy pictures for her sex blog, she likes to roll dice, sniff leather and drink too many cups of tea.

Her story in Hungry for Love is her first erotic fiction to be officially published, though the first one she wrote for publication will be out on December 12th in Tiffany Reisz's FELT TIPS. Blacksilk is currently toying with ideas for an erotic sci-fi piece tentatively titled “Universal Lubricant”.

You can find out more about Blacksilk, her erotic fiction and the rest of her erotic life at

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  1. Amazing story! And I say that to every author, because it's true. The amount of original stories in this book astounds me. Not being a zombie freak, or even having thought much about them until lately, I wouldn't know where to begin if I was to try to write one. (I did - it sucked - I didn't make the deadline :P)

    This is truly an incredible anthology.


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