Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Story Behind the Story: Sadey Quinn

Happy Saturday! I have a SBTS for you. And away we go with Sadey Quinn.

p.s. If you hit Sadey's blog you can read an excerpt from her story! ;)


Story behind the story:

I love power dynamics. Kink, bondage, and all the glitter aside...what really gets me going is domination, submission, and the intricate mental gymnastics related to power exchange. I love power hungry, arrogant doms, and I love calm, cool alphas who subtly take control. I love bratty subs who push limits just as much as I love the subs who truly, to their very core, want to obey.

Often, my writing reflects this passion (obsession?) of mine. So, naturally, when I sat down to write 'Zombie Goddess'--my story for Sommer Marsden's collection of zombie erotica--I played with the theme of power, control, and what might happen in a BDSM scene starring a human and a zombie.

Another concept I messed around with for this story is making the typical antagonist--the decrepit, brain-hungry zombie--into my protagonist. I wanted my zombie to feel amazing, empowered, and...well, I wanted her to feel hot. So my star is a sexy, newly un-dead zombie woman. She's not after brains to eat. Instead, she's learning to enjoy finding minds to fuck.

Author Bio:

Sadey Quinn writes erotic novels and erotic short stories, often with BDSM and/or spanking themes. She's a digital nomad, moving from place to place in order to share time and laughter with as many people as possible in a variety of locales. When not writing, she's reading, hiking, cooking, or drinking good beer with friends--not mutually exclusive hobbies! Her novels include Under Order and Social Service - BDSM themed novels set in a kink-friendly community.

Her latest release is a novella called Under His Roof, and her current project is the sequel to that novella, entitled: Taking His Hand. Both stories explore the concept of domestic discipline.

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