Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Story Behind the Story: t'Sade

Morning, morning, all. :) Here's the first story behind the story entry for Coming Together: Hungry for Love. t'Sade gives us a peek into Love Never Dies.

Hopefully, you'll be seeing more of these as the days pass. I'm trying to woo my writers into sharing the inner workings of their dirty minds.


Love Starts Somewhere

Love Never Dies is actually a combination of lots of little things that
I thought fit well together. Mostly, it is a romantic story of someone
carving out a bit of happiness in the apocalypse.

Probably the most obvious is the ending for Shaun of the Dead, one of my
favorite movies. In that case, it was his best friend, but just the idea
of having a zombie in the back shed because you love them that much is
just a wonderful idea. It doesn't matter if it is a snarky best friend
or a lover, there is something about not just bashing in their head with
a baseball bat.

I'll admit, there is a bit of my turn-ons in that story since I write
about stuff about five sigma past normal. Extreme bondage and body
modifications are just one of the many things I find appealing, so a
story where the zombie is bound in pet play equipment and had their
teeth removed (to prevent biting) just seemed to fit with that
interests. It also handles the frequently bad teeth you see in movies...
um, ew.

Having the pet play equipment be hers I thought added a transition from
playful submissive to dominate zombie owner. I thought it hinted nicely
at the changes everyone has to go when the zombies come. You can't
destroy the world without having to grow.

Which leads into one of the most frustrating things I found about zombie
movies and stories. People turn stupid. The attacks always come because
someone didn't lock the door, didn't watch their backs, decided to get a
blow job outside the fence. I tried to show a woman who was intelligent
about care and feeding of her zombie lover... though she did a few
stupid things when she got horny. But, at least she was careful before
she scooted closer.

Finally, the garage was modeled after one of my best friend's. Someone I
grew up and I had fond memories of sneaking into their garage. I never
did anything naughty in there, but I definitely thought about it. But, I
loved crawling into abandoned places as a little thing and all those
adventures show up in my writing.


t'Sade always loved the grindhouse movies of the 70's and the

splatterpunks of the 80's. Their interests reflect those topics: sex,
violence, and so far from the mainstream you'd need a map. They explore
these themes in the soft underbelly of sexuality, trying to dig out the
more obscure, and can be found at

Their novel, The Mummy's Girl, is a high fantasy, erotic novel of
reincarnation, BDSM, and a love that never dies. And a mummy along with
three randy gods. It can be found at and is
available in print and ebook.


  1. This was an awesome story! And seriously hot, in a weird, slightly disturbing kind of way. :D This was one of the three that got me fingering...I mean thinking. No one caught that - right?

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was strange writing to be writing zombie erotica again (I have a few on my site that are a bit more... violent and just as naughty).

    But, it was a lot of fun coming up with this story and not writing my usual mini-epics.


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