Thursday, November 29, 2012

Under My Skin...

Oh my goodness, gracious, holy-moly! I'm so excited by this cover.

Under My Skin is a ghostly erotic oddity and I cannot WAIT for it to release in January. I believe it's slotted to release January 9, 2012. You'll be able to find it at Resplendence Publishing, the awesome publisher that houses my zombie exterminator series (love, sex, bondage and the roaming undead).

Woo and hoo!

This week has been chock full of retro Christmas classics. I promised myself a retro holiday season this year. Watching all the classic Christmas shows, slowing down, not working like a fiend every day through the season but taking time to bake and shop and wrap and...ENJOY IT. Like I used to. Before I became a type A, self employed, maniac who doesn't know how to relax.

So far I am making good on the Christmas special part of this deal. And I am doing sprints to contain my writing. I do one or two 1k/1hr sprints and then try and do something else and make my days well-rounded and joyous. It's just for the holidays. Just a few weeks. I certainly won't die...right?




  1. Enjoy the holidays Sommer. :D They come but once a year y'know. I've always been one for retro specials. My two favourites that I HAVE to watch every Xmas are the original Year Without A Santa Claus, and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.

    My holidays aren't complete without those.

  2. Oh and DUH - congrats on the new book. LOL. See, the mere mention of Christmas specials puts all other thoughts out of my mind.


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