Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What would *you* do?

So...I just had an interesting experience in the library. I had to take boy child to get some books for a research report now that he's feeling a wee bit better from last week. When I pulled up, there was a woman getting out of her car. She turned her back to me as she rifled through her back seat and my jaw almost unhinged.

I mean, she was in an adorable outfit. Nude colored sweater dress, knee high chocolate brown boots. She looked adorable. With the exception of one thing. I could see completely through her dress. At first I was pretty sure I could see so much I was seeing her skeletal system, but in actuality it was enough that I could see that her thong was black (or dark navy or purple) as was her bra. And given that it was a thong, I could see her ass cheeks (she must work out) and she was curvy so yeah, curves.

I was hoping it was the sun, but as we followed (only one path to the door!) I could see that sun wasn't the culprit.

I said to boy child (arleady mortified, was he) "Should I tell her?"

"Dear God, no!"

"But I would want to know."

"If you tell her, I'm leaving."

I tend to embarrass him often. Daily, if not on some days, hourly.

It haunted me. It was a loop in my head as I found her sitting on the upper level at a table. Alone.

I would want to know...I would want to know...

I said it to boy child again. "Jesus, would you tell me if I was about to go out like that? Clearly she doesn't know. There's no way she can know." (She did not exude the uber confident manner of someone who knew and did not care. Call it a hunch.)

"I would tell you," says he. "But we do not tell strangers!"

But he could see it eating at me. He knows me too well. And he's a super good kid.

Finally, with a sigh he says, "Fine. Go do a good deed. Go tell the stranger she might as well be here naked."

So I sent him downstairs and waited a beat. Then I slid into the seat next to her and started. "Look...I debated telling you this but I would want to know..."

She turned 50 Shades of Tomato (sorry, I couldn't resist) and thanked me.

Good deed done. Right? Or was it? What about you? Would you have told her? All I could think is, what if this is her favorite outfit in the world and no one says anything because they'd feel embarrassed. How many times will she wear this thing before someone finally speaks up or, the worst of all, she accidentally finds out and then is horrified at how many times she went out basically nude.

Was I helpful or a buttinsky?

p.s. super awesome panties available from Knickerrocker on Etsy. Someone by them for me for Christmas! Please! :)


  1. When I was a young person and considerably more femme than I am now, I totally wore see-through skimpy-ass stuff. With a dark thong so you could see it better. It was very deliberate. I'm kind of mortified thinking back on it, but I wasn't at the time.

    If you'd said anything to me I would been like, "Thanks MOM," or something equally snarky and teenagerish. I probably would have thought you were offended by my body or my manner of dress.

    Nowadays, I never leave the house in fewer than five layers of fleece, so that would never happen. heh.

  2. I would want to know!

    Just as she might have worn this outfit a number of times, it's just as likely this was her first time wearing it and you have saved her from further embarrassment. I might have offered to follow her closely out to her car (blocking the rear view) and tried to make her laugh by sharing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction of my own. The trouble would be that I have so many to choose from, the choice would be difficult.

    Good job and good for your son, too.


  3. She buys a slip, she continues to wear her favourite outfit without being leered at, win-win. Once I was on a bus, and when the beautiful Japanese woman in front of me stood up (to walk down the capital's main shopping street), her knickers were caught in her skirt zip, and I was about to tell her and my husband wouldn't let me and I feel guilty to this day.

  4. I would have told her because, like you, I hope someone would have told me. Nakedness, when you have an awareness of it, is different (even if it's a similar naked-in-a-roomful-of-strangers thing), but when it's unintended and in public there's the laughter edge. I wish it wasn't so, but it is. And that's what would mortify me. So yeah, I would have told. Good onya.

  5. There must have been a snafu with blogger because these were all listed as much earlier than last night but they didn't show until this a.m. If you were wondering where your comment went...I finally found it! ;)

    Giselle, I considered that. Especially given the multiple exhibitionist stories written in my past. I was willing to take the chance. Like I said, something about the way she carried herself said she didn't know. I bet you strutted your stuff ;) but that's just a theory. If she'd called me mom I'd have lived with it just fine, LOL.

    Jo, I was worried about that too. If I did not speak up it would have haunted me all day and continued on. Maybe it's because I'm older now and I have a very modest daughter. She's kill me dead if I didn't tell her stuff like that. Ha!

    Cheyenne, I agree. I was worried about that laughter factor. I would have been mortified myself. @.@

    Donna, I wish I'd thought of that. A story of my own. Next time! (let's hope that never happens ;) )

    And was it you Jo who said slip? That's what I said to my( very done with the conversation) son. New undergarments and she's good to go! Tada.


  6. Ha! Nice job, Sommer!

    I don't think i would've been as brave as you, but you did a good deed.


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