Monday, December 31, 2012

Blow me a kiss while you're at it...

Goal setting

I don't do 'resolutions'. To me resolution are pressure. Pressure equals feeling constricted. Constriction causes rebellion and then ya know, I'm eating a pound of French Fries drinking straight out of the spigot of a box of wine while doing a 12 hour stint on Twitter before the fourth of January.

Instead, I enjoy the goal. I set and attain goals all the time. The 1k/1hr sprints I do almost every morning are goals. I set earning goals for my writing (so far have reached them every time, knock wood, throw salt to quote Alison Tyler). I set goals to get into certain books. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not, but I set them and I give it my best.

My goal from 2012 of writing in that leather book every day...yeah, not so much. But did I write in it? Yes, I did. Do I find I am not a journal every day kind of girl? Yes, I did! I find my blog and my Twitter stream are often my 'journal'. The leather book I keep is for the big guns, the important stuff, so if it takes me a few years to fill it be it.

Some goals I've started early because my heart wanted to. I'm still including them below because the goal will be to to continue my momentum. Here goes.

13 Goals for '13:

1. Do the big scary thing. I'll explain this if I ever do it. Heh ;)
2. Yoga (Have already started and about 2.5 weeks in I am doing stuff I couldn't do when I first found my way back to it.)
3. Eat better (Have already started this one too and if you have a similar goal, I'm doing )
4. More time like the holiday time I just spent. Which means: more down time, more off line time, more sanity.
5. Help the fat wiener be less fat. We love him and we want him around a looooooong time. Need to fix the fact that he's resembling a hamburger more than a hot dog.
6. Breathe (I forget to do it all the damn time).
7. More YA writing challenges with girl child. We've done two so far and have one cooking. They are a great way to share a challenge with my minion and write outside my comfort zone.
8. Clean house (get rid of stuff we don't need)
9. Paint my bedroom (finally!!!)
10. Meet more writers. In person. If I can manage.
11. More time with the family. Not just the four of us here. I mean the extended family. I'm a lone wolf and sometimes I forget there's a whole bunch of people who love me that I love in return.
12. Stop worrying so much. About everything I say, who likes me, who doesn't, what so and so thinks of what I said/wore/ate/wrote etc. About bullshit on Twitter and Facebook and who's doing what or has managed something I have not. Funny how certain things do not matter a lick to me until someone does them and I realize I have not. It's stupid. I am too fucking old to worry about it. I've earned the right to be who I am. Time to embrace it.
13. Watch the dough, Joe. I got a bit trigger happy with it this year (because it feels good to earn money, you know?) but I need to be more mature...Hmph. :/

That's it! I'm going to do my level best to do all that stuff up there. If you notice, I did not put writing goals because those always remain the same. Write, write, write. Every day if possible. Unless you go nuts, then take a break. But not too long! 

If you're so inclined, feel free to post your goals in my comment section. Happy New Year! I'm off to get ready to watch some movies, eat a ton of food and drink a bit of wine. Have a blessed and safe night. Kiss someone you love at midnight. And blow me a kiss while you're at it ;)


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