Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy birthday to me, happy free day to you!

Birthday Minis
Well I say it's my birthday...because it's a true fact. I am no longer "40" today. I am...gasp!...'in my forties' as the man reminded me. That's okay, though. As my dad says, better than the alternative ;)

So it's my birthday and before I go get all festivitied upon by my family, I want to give you a gift. My new M/M paranormal is free on Amazon for a limited time. Starts today. So go get a birthday freebie on me!

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Have a super day :)

p.s. Thank you thank you thank you! for all the birthday wishes and greetings in my email, on Facebook and Twitter. You've made me smile a lot today and I've only been up for an hour! <3

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