Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I've been MIA for a few days...

Gasp! I told you I was trying to take December easy :) And I actually am! I am very proud of myself.

What I've been doing:

Reading, cleaning, watching Christmas shows (the oldies!), walking, doing Advent fun for my kids, learning some ukulele skills (heh), writing--wait for it--a YA paranormal Christmas story. It was inspired by none other than a star baby that one (awesome and lovely) Bronwyn Green made for me and sent to me!

It is my first Young Adult story ever and I'm actually very, very happy with it. It started with girl child saying she wanted to write but didn't know what. I said, write a Christmas story. She said, no, I don't want to do a Christmas story. I said, well that is the challenge. She said, you do it too, then. I said, fine! I figured I'd write a short dirty story to put up for free on my blog. She said, a short YA Christmas story. I said, what?!?! She said, that is the challenge.


But I did it and I'm very happy with it (and myself).

So, that's pretty much it. You're up to speed. Tonight is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. All part of my commitment to a laid back, retro holiday season. After that is Doomsday Preppers. All part of my commitment to...um...be prepared for the end of the world? Anyway, that's my night :)

So..what have *you* been up to? Eh?


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