Sunday, December 2, 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention...[and a WINNER!]

When it came time to put my money where my mouth was after claiming the six o'clock spot in Morning, Noon and Night, it was easy to find inspiration. They say necessity is the mother of invention. The mother[fill in the rest] we call life with children has often necessitated loads of creativity and enough stealth to qualify a person to be a spy.

So, often the after dinner hour is when the man and I were (are) able to claim some adult alone time. Just pondering many past scenarios brought "The After Dinner Hour" to life. Ta and da! Too much info? Just because now if you see me tweet about dinner you may ponder whether or not dessert included zee seks? Oh well! This will soothe your discomfort:

The winner of Alison Tyler's MNN blog hop giveaway of 25 books is...[grand Vanna White flourish]


*balloons* *confetti* *cheering*

Congrats to Swannie and big fat thanks to everyone who traveled along and participated. I just have one more thing to say: BUY THE BOOK. It's smoking hot. ;)

p.s. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful birthday wishes all over yesterday. My inbox, twitter, Facebook (they all came via inbox or another update because I found I had inadvertently clicked the thing to not allow people to post to my page--but that didn't stop you!). You are all too kind and me feel so grateful. xoxo


  1. WOW! Christmas came early for me!! I'm so excited and I have a feeling I'll be "occupied" for quite a while when I get these! Thank you so much!


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