Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh...Ho, ho, ho! (more free!)

Another reason I am glad the world has not ended (so far)...I am the Filthy Friday free read over at Sh! My holiday tale of getting some tail...Accosting Santa! It's free up there to read as we speak. So, please do enjoy. I mean, what better way to celebrate still being alive than some nice juicy erotica?

Also, I'm still free over at All Romance Ebooks today. Grab your copy of Restless Spirit if you haven't already. And check it out. Isn't that nice?~

Oh, and as for my writing challenge, once all my writer elves have included their links I'll post a list of live links on the front page for your reading ease. Happy Friday! I'm almost ready for Christmas but I am definitely ready for the weekend!


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