Friday, December 7, 2012

Sh! I'm a naughty elf...

Actually...Go ahead and shout it from the roof tops if you like. I don't mind spreading some naughty cheer.

I’m part of the Sh! Christmas Pleasure Hunt ( All you need to know is right here at the Sh! intro post. Your goal is to sleuth out some words, visit some wonderful sites and maybe get your hot little hands on a goodie bag of happiness provided by Sh!

Speaking of happiness, I figured I'd share my top five favorite things to do during the holidays (besides the obvious naughty stuff, that's a given).

1. Bake cookies
2. Watch Christmas Vacation (it never gets old)
3. Sit in the dark with a glass of wine and look at the tree
4. Have family and friends over to celebrate
5. Take the time to  just be. Be still. Be grateful. Be silent. Be with my family. Be a bit less type A than I normally am (this part, FYI, usually hits the day after Christmas. Heh.)

Once you've found my *cough* so very cleverly hidden word, you can move along to the holly-jolly authors who are also participating today: Janine Ashbless and Tamsin Flowers . Once you've done that make sure you visit tomorrow's authors for the next set of words!  You'll be paying a visit to Tabitha Rayne, Lily Harlem, and Kay Jaybee!

Good luck! And don't forget to check back on the Sh! site later this month for some free erotica. Including a Christmas tale by yours truly. Being naughty has its perks.


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