Monday, December 10, 2012

Story Behind the Story: Kissa Starling

I'm throwing a Coming Together: Hungry for Love SBS to you via the way back machine. I had these rolling in November but I missed one. Oops!

Lucky you, you get to enjoy another SBS from one of my authors Kissa Starling. :)

Happy Monday! Somone pass the spoons, it's decidedly pea soupish out there.



Diabetes runs in my family. My grandfather died from it and my brother currently has it. I found out recently that my sister-in-law has diabetes and she is pregnant. It is such a scary disease. Eating healthy is hard for anyone, but when your life depends on it, it's so important to keep track of every single thing you consume, and that is a task within itself. This disease doesn't affect everyone the same. I certainly feel for all who have to live with diabetes on a daily basis. Together, we can fund diabetes research.

About the author:

Kissa Starling began writing in a diary as a young girl. In school she passed notes and penned short poems to pass around the classroom. In fifth grade she wrote an award winning speech that earned her a title and cold hard cash. During all of this she still found time to chase boys on the playground!

Her adult writing evolved into a mixture of sugar and spice that begs to be let out. She sets aside time each day to write, read, and spend time with her family in the southern state of Georgia. Visit to learn more.

She currently writes for Red Rose Publishing, Cleis Press, Moonflower Press, Atria Books, Sapphire Publishing and Renaissance E-Books.

Kissa's  most current work is Clarissa, Book One in the Celtic Destinies Series. Blurb:

Reuniting ghost lovers proves to be the easy task. How will she ever find her own true destiny?

Clarissa has traveled halfway around the world to Scotland hoping to escape her  sordid past and begin anew. What she finds is two unruly children, a single father who travels, a elderly cook and a couple of ghosts who demand to be reunited. It's hard to figure out who plans to give her the most trouble- the children or the ghost of a kind long since passed. Will it all be worth it in the end and what must Clarissa do to obtain her own happiness?

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