Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"and then the sex comes up and delivers the creamy payoff, and we are onto the next clue and location..."

Kiss-in (17) - 12Dec09, Paris (France)

A review of Lion Hearted from E-Read Erotica! This is one of those reviews that used to stun me and kind of confuse me and inevitably I'd get upset because it left me confuzzled. And now I'm very much amused by them. And I mean that sincerely. It's a "I really liked this book!"..."now let me tell you everything I thought was wrong with it" kind of review. Despite the fact that I can't really tell for sure if she liked Lion Hearted or not, despite her assuring the reader she did repeatedly, I found the review amusing and it really tickled me. So I'm posting it.

I really do think she liked it, despite all the picked over points. I really do!...mostly. I think. ;)

As always, I am so glad people take time to read and review me, even if you did not totally adore my book I'm supremely grateful you read it and thought enough of it to put your opinions down on the subject. I'm going to go out of my way to see if I can get the next book in the Divination Falls series (Beast in Me, due imminently!) to this reviewer. I really want to see what she thinks of it!!

A non-p.s. p.s. I am on drugs. Any typos, boo-boos, or general stupidity you see on my blog for the next few days...forgive it! I had surgery Monday (minor, I'm healing nicely) but wheeeee! Percocet ;)


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