Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Everything's coming up freebie...

Right now and I'm not sure for how much longer, Open is free! Five filthy bisexual erotic stories for nada! Zip. Zilch! Just click the image to go grab a copy.

And speaking of free, I've spend the morning mailing out freebie codes for Lion Hearted to readers at Cup O' Porn. There's only a few left, if you want one, hurry and check it out.

That being said, I'm going to go and clean my kitchen. I made some muffins this morning as a reward for finishing up my recent novella (yay! wolf whistle! happy dance!). Did you know that cinnamon chips existed? I did not until I saw them the other night on Chopped. Then I had to find them, order them ( one of my favorite places had them) and bake up some yummy muffins. And now it looks like the Pillsbury dough boy blew up in my kitchen, but damn...behold!

Happy Hump Day! Celebrate with some free stuff. And a muffin...


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