Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have a taste...

So I am giddily going over final edits for book 2 of the Divination Falls Trilogy "Beast in Me". I say giddily because I forgot how my I love these characters. So much so I want to feed you a little nibble of what's to come.
Kiss-in (11) - 12Dec09, Paris (France)

from Beast in Me by Sommer Marsden
Coming...SOON! from Xcite Books
NSFW  M/M paranormal erotic fiction

Inch by inch, Trace entered until Cam was panting, moving and shifting just a bit even though he was trying not to. ‘Easy,’ Trace said, kissing his shoulder.
When he was in fully, Trace put his hand over Cam’s chest and started to count. ‘One … Two … Three …’
‘What are you counting?’
‘Heartbeats,’ the wolf said.
‘Why?’ Cameron was aching for his lover to move. Dying for there to be friction and fucking.
‘Shh. Eight … Nine … Ten …’
Then he began moving. ‘I wanted you to be calm. I wanted you to enjoy it.’
‘I am!’ Cameron laughed wildly.
‘I wanted you to enjoy it more.’
‘Oh.’ And it was a bit more. His whole body had waited, pausing as his heartbeats were tallied. So when Trace began to move in earnest, moving deep and hard, it was good. Better. The best.
‘They’re coming,’ Trace whispered. ‘They’re out in the parking lot.’ His movements accelerated, his fingers on Cam’s skin were more aggressive.
They moved together, a moan breaking free of Cam as Trace’s movements became more intense, more chaotic.
‘Good morning, Cameron,’ Trace grunted, driving in deep once more. ‘A man could get used to waking this way,’ he rasped, then he was coming. His teeth scraping Cam’s skin.

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