Sunday, February 3, 2013

I can't look!

Let your mind do the walking

Or at least I'm trying not to. There seems to suddenly be a crushing amount of...stuff in my life right now. Both RL and work life. For some reason I can't explain they are not one in the same. Anyway, life stuff is a mixed bag, some good, some bad, some very stressful. And the work stuff is just overwhelming at the moment.

So I am going to attempt, that being the operative word, to look at online stuff less for a bit. Maybe just pop on once or twice a day to say howdy if that. I think it will leave me with more time to work/manage stuff than I'm even anticipating.

That being said, I do get sad if my blog is naked for too long. You'll probably see me hopping on to show you a pretty picture or give a brief update. What's that song, though, from the 80s? Don't forget me when I'm gone...My heart would that Wham? (Google says no. Glass Tiger is the band).

See! This is why I'm taking a little breaky-poo from being online 24/7, my brain has turned to banana pudding ;)

Of course, I'm always around on email if you get desperate. I'll be answering those as obsessively as ever. ;)


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  1. Get your stuff together hon. We'll still be here.

    But just don't be gone TOO long - I've already been without SUMMER for too long, don't wanna be without SOMMER too. :P

    Love you hon.


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