Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"That being said, there was a lot of sex..."

I know I've posted here lately (and even way back) about trying to avoid reading reviews if I can. I figure if I need to see them I'll either stumble over them or folks will pass them along to me. People are awesome that way, they tend to pass on good news they see. Sometimes I do manage to do to the first, usually looking for a link or fiddling around in my Amazon page.

The other day I I stumbled over a new review for Lion Hearted on Amazon. It was short and sweet and the ending line made me laugh out loud: "That being said, there was a lot of sex."

Fat TuesdayThe whole thing (and some other nice reviews) can be found on the book's page on Amazon.

Happy Fat Tuesday, chère! I'm going to try my hand at a gluten free King Cake today if I have the time. Cross your fingers for me.


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