Friday, March 22, 2013

A wolf and a human lightning rod walk into a bar...

So they must be in Divination Falls!

It's a happy, happy Friday because I get to announce that my book Beast in Me, which his book two in the Divination Falls trilogy, is out-out-out today!

Weather worker Cameron Bale rolls into Divination Falls after being prompted by Spirit and Brother Lighting. He discovers that the small, hidden town full of shifters and magical types is suffering a series of unsettling events. There’s speculation from the town seers that he could be the answer they’ve been looking for. Cameron’s willing to try and help: he’s got nowhere to go and nothing to lose. His life is simply about loneliness and it turns out that Trace, a grumpy wolf with stunning eyes, knows just what that feels like. Cam finds himself wishing maybe they could be alone … together. Oh yeah, and battle whatever evil it is that still lurks in Divination Falls.

US can purchase HERE and UK can purchase HERE. And everyone is free to sit and start at the cover. Yurm. BiM will be coming later this year to other vendors.

I'd say more but I'm not fully awake and have only had a half cup of coffee. That is not nearly enough, y'all. Happy Friday.


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