Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back by popular demand...

Super way late, might I add, is Bittersweet. It was put on the Kindle exclusive thingamajig (Kindle Prime) for a while and then I forgot to have it pulled off...and then I forgot AGAIN to have it pulled off. But then I remembered! Yay! *happy dance*

My BDSM love story (*cough* that came out years before that other BDSM love story *cough*) is now back up for sale in regular Kindle, ARe, Nook, and coming any moment to Kobo Books, among others. So if Kindle's format didn't work for you, as so many of you wrote me to tell me, Bittersweet can finally be purchased, once again, at many different vendors.

Here's the blurb:

Rayka's just looking for a peace offering for an offended client when she goes into The Good, The Sweet, and the Yummy. What she finds instead is a very intoxicating man. Deacon James is more sinful than the candy he sells, and Rayka soon finds out that he can push her farther than she every thought she could go. Mentally, creatively, emotionally and yes -- sexually. Rayka must remember it's okay to let him have her body, let him test her limits, but she can't let him have her heart. Besides, he's made it perfectly clear he doesn't want it anyway ...

Happy Saturday. I have to go turn myself into a pretzel now. Translation: Yoga. Om...


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