Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm like the Easter Bunny...only, I'm taller...and blond...and I shave.

But I do have a basket full of goodies! Read to the end, there's a bunch. First things first:

Beast in Me, book 2 in the Divination Falls trilogy is FREE right now on Amazon. FREE. So hop over and get one! (People have asked, so I'm answering, though the books are tied together, they can be read as standalones. So if you did not read book 1, you will still enjoy book 2 and not feel lost). Tell your sister, your secretary, your mother, your grandma! Tell the girl at the donut shop and the woman who delivers your mail. Tell the lady at the grocery store and your waitress at lunch...Free!

Secondly, I am on Youtube! No lie. The super talented Rose Caraway's reading of Laugh from Rachel Kramer Bussel's book Gotta Have It is up for your pleasure. So go check out my dirty Femdom story Laugh on the tube of You. Awesome.

Thirdly, whack*whack*whack*whack! My book Restless Spirit received a 4 paddles rating from BDSM Book Reviews and this very nice pull quote:

"Sommer Marsden is known as one of the top erotica authors. After reading this story, I can see why that is." 

Thank you, Ma'am, may I have another.

And finally,
Long Lost, the sequel to Big Bad (my paranormal, vamp/were/human, twosome/threesome bangalicious novel) received 4 kisses (lips? mouths? smooches?) from Two Lips Reviews. They recently reviewed Big Bad and I was thrilled that the reviewer loved Long Lost as well.

I think that covers it all! Have a spectacular Easter and kick off to Spring Break. We'll be smoking some meat, making some gluten free faux butterscotch krimpets, hanging out and taking it easy.


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