Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Whine and Wine, Anyone?

Yay! I am so, so excited to be at one of my absolute favorite blogs today guest blogging. Go check out my Whine and Wine. It's all about me and my mad skillz in the falling down department. Hey, someone has to tussle with gravity. Turns out it's me.

I stop at certain blogs every single morning (afternoon...late afternoon...early evening...late evening...night) and this is one. Emails then Twitter then Facebook then Ript Apparel...Teemagnet and Cup of Porn. Every morning! With coffee. So I'm thrilled to be there showing off my new pretty Beast in Me, book 2 in the Divination Falls trilogy. Check it out if you can steal a moment or three.

p.s. I don't know why I chose this dude~~~~~>
Probably because I could see him being a local of Divination Falls. Yum!
p.p.s Psst, Beast in Me is FREE right now. Why not go snag a copy?

photo credit: enric archivell via photopin cc

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