Sunday, April 21, 2013

An electric little kiss for Sunday Snog

From Beast in Me. One of my favorite scenes in the book, actually!

A gust of wind licked along Trace’s dark hair. For an instant that chocolate brown hair covered his eyes but then the wind changed direction and blew it back off his face. His face was handsome and secretive and somewhat sober. In Cameron’s heart of hearts, he wished the man would kiss him. Fuck the lightning.
‘You might want to step back,’ he said again.
‘And again, I’ll ask you why?’ Trace grinned and captured Cam’s other wrist. He tugged him in with one hard motion and they were suddenly crushed together. Cock to cock, belly to belly, chest to chest.
Cameron felt lightheaded with his sudden need. But fear overwhelmed him and he opened his mouth to warn the wolf off. Trace took it for an invitation and moved in to kiss him. His tongue was hot and sweet and tasted of coffee as it swept over Cameron’s. Cameron felt the finer bones in his wrist grind, felt his knees go saggy, felt his cock swell with expectation. His heart was a runaway force in his chest and he thought he might pass out, which was fine as long as this man kept kissing him. He had contact. He was being kissed. Skin was touching his skin and if all was right in the world, time would freeze and he could get laid.
The kiss was a little messy, clutching and desperate, and Cameron felt utterly out of his element, but he didn’t care. When the wolf released his wrists, he held onto Trace’s biceps and took every wet thrust of the wolf’s tongue. He smelled so fucking good, sunshine and the smell of the forest mixed with cinnamon and campfire. He’d always wondered what a werewolf smelled like.
He never imagined one smelled like this man.
A tingling licked at his heels and he tried to break free, but Trace walked him back so his back hit a large oak
trunk. The bark bit at his exposed neck and elbows, but my God, the thrill of the roughness shot through him as fast and intense as Brother Lightning. Lust and eagerness streaked around inside him and the feel of this man – this animal – rubbing his cock against Cameron’s own had Cam feeling dizzy. But blissed out too; he could not remember the last time he’d felt so happy.
‘Aren’t you afraid?’ Trace asked, breaking the kiss just long enough to lick a hot line down Cam’s neck. It made him shiver. It made him desperate for more.
‘You should be. There’s a beast in me, electric boy,’ the wolf said, grinning broadly.
Cameron could see the danger there. The animal that lurked inside the man. He should have felt afraid, but he just felt drawn. He touched Trace a bit more gently than intended and he watched the man’s look shift again. Open and playful to guarded and shut down.
Cam made a bold move. He moved his hand, shaking as it was, down between their bodies and found the long, hard ridge of Trace’s cock. And he squeezed. Those amazing eyes went feral again, animal shine lighting up Trace’s gaze. ‘I have a beast in me too,’ Cameron said.
The wolf leered, shoved his body roughly against Cam’s and moved in to take his mouth again. He felt dizzy, like the earth was moving.
Trace growled at him, ‘Not yet, you don’t, but if you keep touching me like that you wi –’
That’s when the bolt hit them.

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