Monday, April 8, 2013

"And the final tale in the collection, Sommer Marsden's “Magdalene,”...


... left me close to tears."

I'm beyond honored and immensely pleased to hear the nice things Lisabet Sarai had to say about my story Magdalene which appears in Geek Love edited by Shanna Germain and Janine Ashbless. It's reviews like this one that keep me plugging along in the writing life. So thanks to Lisabet and Erotica Revealed for taking the time to review. Read the full review HERE, she had a lot of wonderful things to say! And check out the book if you can. I cannot wait to get my copy in my hot little hands.


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  1. Oh I so need a copy of this! I'm not a geek in the true sense (numbers and science make my head hurt), but I am in my own category of geek-dom. And I can't wait to read this.


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