Thursday, April 25, 2013

*cattle prod* *whip* *git along little review!*

I was joking this morning that I needed someone standing behind me with a whip to make me write the bits of my current novel that synch up with the notes I took last night. Then I was joking that if I changed the bio I'm working on for Sourcbooks just one more time someone needs to zap me with a cattle prod. So...I think that a good old cowboy round up seems to be the theme of the day!

Below are some recent reviews for some of my humble little books. Feel free to skip today's blog if reviews aren't your thing. But I must show them off. They are pretty nifty. *whip crack*

Boys Next Door (M/F/M/M I think that's basically the order. Heh ;) )

On Amazon US: "This has become one of my favorite books. The author provides realistic characters, in a charming backdrop and weaves a story that is believable and enticing...I love that the characters are down to earth and do normal things for a living because not everyone is a billionaire, and perfect, and that makes this story relatable. As I read the characters became three-dimensional and I did not want the story to end." 5 Stars Prime Reader

On Amazon UK: "Right from page one, this book is steaming. Three fit blokes as neighbours, even the postman is a hottie. Farrell, what a gal. Not for the prudish. Enjoy the ride!" 5 stars Joannie

And for Lion Hearted (M/M) Book 1 of the Divination Falls Trilogy:

5 Flaming Hearts from Hearts on Fire Reviews "It was a suspenseful, romantic and very enjoyable read. The book has some steamy sex scenes and quite a few funny moments. I have to say that Luke was funniest of all characters in this book. I just love him and I hope that author writes more books in this series."

And that's that for today! :)


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