Monday, April 1, 2013

Come Celebrate!

Come celebrate Gaypril with me and Xcite! For my M/M readers, there's some fun stuff going on over at the Xcite site for April. There are signed kindle copies being given away (Lion Hearted), questions being answered, and all kinds of fun. Hop over to see what's up. Heh...that sounded dirty, didn't it? Check out Matt's blog for the full scope of #Gaypril love from freebies to tweeting me about what shapeshifter you'd be for a chance to win signed copies. Me...? I'd be a panther. Or a tiger. A tanther?

You can ask me questions on Twitter (I'm @sommer_marsden) with the hashtag #Gaypril and I'll answer mid month. So if you have any questions (not necessarily m/m related, mind you) you want to ask, now's your chance. Don't have any questions? Put your thinking cap on and come up with one!

Didn't know I wrote M/M works? Here's a link to some of them. And my newest m/m paranormal Beast in Me.

Hope to see you on Twitter!


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