Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To my grandmother!

Gosh, I miss her. She was one of my very best friends in the whole world. We shared love of lots of things but books were number one. She was the one who taught me to stop reading books that weren't working for me. "Life is too damn short to read a book you don't like!"

We (Ma and self) used to go every year to the hospice where she passed and sit on the rooftop garden. We'd watch the hawks over Loch Raven reservoir and sit and talk about her. Just a short conversation about her could make us laugh. You've heard people described as 'a character' in your travels, I'm sure. Well, Ilene was a character.

Anyway, at the ten year mark (she'll be gone 11 years this July) we changed it up. I suggested we go out on the day of her birth instead and celebrate that she'd been here and was such a huge part of our lives.

So today is out to lunch day with my Ma. We'll eat, we'll drink and we'll talk about her. She loved big, talked loud and carried a big stick. It's called a cane and she wouldn't hesitate to 'tap' (read whack) you with it if you either stepped out of line or tickled her funnybone. So you never knew when she'd be swinging that thing. Ouch >.<


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  1. What a lovely way to celebrate. :D Happy Birthday to the lovely lady. Enjoy the day with mom hon.


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