Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stupid things you think of…

I’m 41. Most of you know this. My point is, that the older I get, the hotter I get. Don’t think I mean fabulous, sexy and hot as in wowza (the man might think so, though). No, I mean hot as in turn the God damned AC on.

Yesterday it was only about 75 degrees but after a walk with the dog I was walking around in a sleeveless top. Once upon a time I’d have been chilly. Not anymore.

What it makes me remember is how chilly I always was growing up. I never did well with extreme heat, it made me sick, but for the most part I was always that girl who was cold. Socks the minute fall even thought about setting in. Sweaters, jeans, big ass sweats. I once walked to work in the dead of summer in a one piece jump suit from Spiegal.

I got your attention didn’t I? Yes…a one piece LONG SLEEVED jump suit. And here’s the punchline. It was green. Not pine green or seafoam green. Nope. It was this color green~~~~~>

And that’s exactly what I looked like too. I looked like Gumby. Tall and thin in my Gumby green jumpsuit.

I remembered this fashion atrocity yesterday while running around town in a sleeveless tee while some folks were still wearing sweaters. I wondered what I’d look like now if someone put me in a green jumpsuit in the middle of summer.

I know the answer. I’d look like the person you’d stumble across right before frantically dialing 9-1-1 on  your phone.

“Hello? Please send help! Gumby has melted.”

What’s the point of this blog? No idea. Just a memory of a bad fashion faux pas and a nostalgic look back at the girl who used to always be chilly. As you can imagine, not looking forward to summer. However, I can guarantee there will be nary a green jumpsuit to be found.

p.s. I must note that I originally typed: while some folks were still wearing feathers...No, I don't know what I'm smoking and no, you can't have any.

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  1. That's an interesting picture you painted there hon. I hate the heat. But I hate the cold. I'm more of a spring/fall kind of girl. Cute sweaters, and boots and jackets, but not a ton of bulk.

    Socks...well, the second spring thought about poking it's head up around here, I ditched them. But they are one of my favourite winter accessories.


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