Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The beautiful something of doing nothing...

99/365: Relax

I think I've actually used this pic before, so that tells you something. This is sorta my view of doing nothing. :)

The internet and my drive to become the writer I've always wanted to be have ganged up on me and turned me into a type A personality. I was always a bit of a perfectionist, but I knew how to unplug, decompress and I actually did know how to do nothing. Lie on a bed or in a lawn chair and stare off into space. Listen to the sounds around me. Think. Or not. Let my mind wander.

I've lost this skill. I always feel like I need to be *doing* something. If I'm not *doing* something, I am clearly wasting time! I am clearly slacking off! What the fuck is wrong with me that I am just sitting here not *doing* anything. [insert hysterical panic and Bride of Frankenstein hair here].

That's bullshit.

Let me say that again. That. Is. Bullshit.

What I forget so easily in my 24/7 drive to work/be/work/do/work/attain/work/achieve/workworkwork is that the staring off into space, just being, doing nothing is where this fertile mind got its start. So I'm going to try and go back and re cultivate my nothing abilities.

Does that mean I'll be MIA as I've done in the past? Nope. That never works. And truth be told, it turns me more bonkers than I am. It just means I will be consciously doing other or fuck forbid NOTHING more often than I used to. Going outside to sit in the sun. Walking. I've even pulled out my old computer to work on sometimes that does not connect to the internet.


It. Does. Not. Connect. To the. Internet. *faint*

My point is, I find that when I actually achieve the Zen that is nothing doing and step back from the constant update, instant gratification, always checking everything mindset of the online world I find I feel more creative and my creativity is fresher.

This really isn't a blog to announce anything. More it's a blog to say I've missed this beautiful nothing doing. And I wonder...are you getting enough nothingness in your life? Do you struggle? What are your secrets? No really. Tell me...don't make me Google it ;)



  1. Oh the joy of doing nothing. I've lost that. Unfortunately. And to work on a device that doesn't connect to the net...I call that a pen and paper. LOL. Which I then hate because I'm so used to typing so I get back on my laptop and then....yeah.

    You get what I mean.

  2. You know you need to change stuff when you watch 80s movies and sigh lovingly at the fact that no one is connected to a computer a tablet or a cell phone. I remember lying on a bed and reading a big ass Stephen King novel in 2 days. Because that was all I'd do. Read, smoke cigarettes and drink Coke. LOL. Unplugged all the time!


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