Thursday, May 2, 2013

I should be blogging about...

All kinds of other things, and yet, I am so suddenly and thoroughly addicted to Mumford & Sons that I must post this song (one of my super duper faves) and say...boy, they are a dangerous band. Dangerous for me means they are addictive and when I listen to their songs I get a flood of ideas coming at me like a tidal wave. This happened with Florence and the Machine's CD Lungs and I'm just about to start the 3rd book inspired by that music. I have a whole page of notes inspired by M&S. Dear goodness, wish me luck! Because I can't stop listening which means I can't stop brainstorming which means...*gasp*...I just can't stop!

p.s. but this is one of the things I should be blogging. Ahhhh! Can you believe I'm on Audible, baby? I cannot. I would love to hear my own book read. There are some tres sexy parts...many, actually. I wonder what those sound like. (I imagine good!)

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