Friday, May 24, 2013

I wish...

This sign was true! As it stands, I am not fishing, but wanted to put something up to let people know I am blogging sporadically but will be back soonish.

Tuesday, May 21, the man was admitted to the hospital. He is better than he was that day but not enough to be sent home. So...I am out. A lot. And my schedule is all wonky. So, if you're used to my regular babble here, it will be off for a bit. And if you're looking for emails from me, they might be late.

However, I am running my stressed-out mouth constantly on Twitter and FB, from the hospital usually, so if you follow me on there, you're in for a real (insane) treat. ;)

Happy Friday, all. Have a lovely weekend. And to all of you chatting with me on Twitter and Facebook during this horribly frantic and lunatic time in my life...thank you. Big fat kisses to you. And hugs too. Because the people who have let me vent and been offering support and kind words through all this have been such a blessing I'd be hard pressed to even put words to how grateful I am.

photo credit: Sifter via photopin cc

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