Monday, May 13, 2013

Living More Than One Life

I'm guest blogging today on You Gotta Read about being a writer. Which is basically the ability to live more than one life. Thank goodness for that because some days I feel like a class A hermit! :)

In my real life today I went on a field trip with my mom down memory lane. We went down to parts of Baltimore where I grew up. We revisited a place that I'm using as the basis for the setting in my current book. I was amazed at how much of my details were accurate! And how much smaller the place was in comparison to what was in my mind.

I have a few pics that I'll post tomorrow. I felt today's blog pic fit with my little out and about as well as with my guest blog. Plus it's damn pretty! Photo creds down below


photo credit: e³°°° via photopin cc

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