Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Snog...'Crazy is how some of the greatest things have come into being.’

This Sunday Snog brought to you by the letter S for...slept in! I'm late. Just now making cup two of coffee. And speaking of coffee. Let's have a kiss over coffee this week...Last week's was rather wicked. I had my devil horns on. This week...I'm wearing my halo. ;)


Snog from my brand new novella INVENTING HERSELF:

He was a veterinary assistant. No shock there.
‘Used to work in banking. I find animals much more soothing than money.’
Sophie sipped her coffee. ‘I’d imagine so.’
‘Magazine writer. Love my job, until I get –’
‘That assignment that touches a bit too close to home.’
She put her head down. ‘Yes. I guess I’m just a wuss. I had no idea my editor would demand I find myself, for God’s sake!’
They had cookies and a muffin split down the middle, yet the thought of food was too much. Her stomach was in a fluttering mess of excitement. Because of him? She could only assume. Don’t find something that isn’t there, her mind warned her. She was looking for something, so surely she’d trick herself into thinking that he – Tate Nicholls, he’d told her – was that missing piece.
That didn’t stop her stupid stomach, though.
‘Yeah, but …’ He rolled his eyes. ‘Sorry.’
‘But what?’
‘Hey,’ he said, touching her hand. Electricity shot up her arm and she turned her hand to take his without thinking. He studied their hands – now lightly entwined – and smiled. ‘The last thing I want to be is a person spewing platitudes at you when you were so honest with me. I can’t be that person.’
‘What person?’
‘The ones who walk around giving you one-liners as if they’re Buddha.’ He laughed at himself.
‘Tell me.’
He shrugged, looking suddenly shy and uncertain. The change in demeanour made him even more appealing to Sophie. She thought she should be careful, but she didn’t care. ‘I don’t think life is about finding yourself,’ Tate said. ‘I think it’s about inventing yourself.’
The idea smacked Sophie in the head and she let out a surprised little gasp. Then she dropped his hand. Her body moved faster than her brain. She levered herself over the small table, grabbed his head and plunging her still chilled fingers into his thick, brown hair, and kissed him. His tongue was warm and soft, and after just one surprised second he kissed her back. Touching her jaw so that the energy from his fingers shivered up her face, under her skin, across her scalp.
Her mouth opened further and she sucked his tongue gently. He made a desperate noise.
‘We’re making quite a display,’ she said. Simon sat under the table at her feet. The screened-in patio area was deserted but for them. But people inside could see. People on the sidewalk could see.
‘Who cares?’ he answered, touching her cheek, kissing her again.
‘God, don’t think I’m crazy.’
‘I don’t.’
‘Don’t think … Well, don’t think anything bad of me,’ she whispered.
He pulled back a bit, stared her in the eye. Blue eyes, she saw. Blue like the sky in fall right before the
‘Because I’m going to ask you to come home with me.’
‘I can do that.’ His eyes were bright as he regarded her. ‘But only if you really want me to.’
‘I do. Do you think that’s nuts?’
‘A little.’ He shrugged, sitting back and taking her hand again. His skin was warm and so was his expression. ‘But Sophie, often the best things in life are. Crazy is how some of the greatest things have come into being.’
weather gets cold. ‘Why would I?’

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  1. Reads like another winner. :D Can't wait to get it.

    Nice work Sommer.


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