Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blindfolded Book Review: Two for One!

Today we have a double duty blindfolded book review. I managed to hit one book and knock a second off its perch before I was done.
In case you forgot how this works here’s the rundown:

I put on a blindfold (or if I'm lazy I just shut my eyes). I take something long (quiet, you dirty minds) like a ruler...and I wave it around until I strike a book. If that mental image doesn't crack you might be dead. Then I see what I picked.

Book one is Gotta Have It edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Which is good because I have the attention span of a coked up gnat right now.

The TOC winner was EAT ME by Marina Saint.

And boy am I glad it was. As a former vegetarian (and at one point vegan) and a former pregnant lady and a lifetime burger aficionado, there wasn’t a damn thing not to love in this short, sexy tale. Steamy sex, marital teasing (which I think is the best kind seeing as you know each other so well), a strange juicy fetish and a satisfying climax. Bravo!

The other book I managed to assault was Sudden Sex edited by Alison Tyler. See, my subconscious knows I need short reads right now. Isn’t it thoughtful?

TOC winner was One Sleep by Maria See. 

A bit taboo. Actually, some would consider it a lot taboo. However, not an uncommon theme or fantasy at all. The rape fantasy is only good, I think, when well done. And since this is an Alison Tyler book, obviously it would be done well. Very taut, very short and very to the point, One Sleep is a story that will stay with you a while after you’re done reading it.  Which is the point of stories done well, don’t you think?

And there you go. My Blindfolded Book Review. So go grab a copy of either—or both!—of these books if you don’t have a copy. This is what summer’s all about. Hot, hot, hot fiction.


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  1. YAY Sudden Sex! (I'm in that one. :P) But Gotta Have It, well, I guess I've gotta right? LOL. I adore you Sommer, but you keep adding to my reading list.....sigh. Here we go again. :P


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