Saturday, June 1, 2013

I think I'll be sitting here a lot over the summer...

What you can't see is the lounge chair, the paperback and the utter look of relaxation behind the camera. Om...



  1. Love! That looks like the makings of a perfect early-summer afternoon.

  2. We have a huge backyard and it's gorgeous. Only...the reason the box garden is where it is, is that from there all the way back it is a swamp. Always wet. Always squishy. We are thinking of just putting up a series of gardens with stepping stones between them. Maybe a box with a bistro set. It's crazy. It all started after our neighbor behind us put a pool in. Effed up the drainage. I'm even considering planting bamboo. LOL. No shit! ;) We'll figure it out. For now I sit and admire it from the 'dry zone'.


  3. I love my backyard. Probably the only reason I'll never move. LOL (much to someone's dismay). I'll have to share pics someday.

    Enjoy the peace and wonderful weather hon.


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