Friday, June 7, 2013

NEW SPOT: Blindfolded Book Reviews

I added 20 Questions to my blog not long ago (or so it seems but we've had about two months of them!) and now that they are beginning to wind down I was looking for something else fun to do here at Unapologetic Fiction. Though, I do have plans to do another spot in the future called 20 More Questions. But more on that later.

This is my contributor copy bookshelf. On it is a copy of every print book I've been in. I have not, as one might imagine, been able to read all of these from cover to cover the way I did when I first started getting published in print. They come in too fast and I am, admittedly, a much slower reader than I used to be (sob). I think mostly because I put out words all day, I'm slower at absorbing them for leisure at the end of the work day.

Anyway, here's how this Blindfolded Book Review thing is going to work. I put on a blindfold (or if I'm lazy I just shut my eyes). I take something long (quiet, you dirty minds) like a ruler...and I wave it around until I strike a book. If that mental image doesn't crack you might be dead.

Then I see what I picked. First pick this time, was my own damn book Base Nature. The second time was also my own book Hard Lessons. But the third time was the charm. I struck Wanton Women: When Girls Get It Together put out by Xcite. Then I shut my eyes and took a stab at the table of contents. The lucky winner was "Go Find Yourself" by Velvet Tripp.

Here's my mini review.

Lisa's life has changed a bit. Marriage ended, son off to university and now she's on the road headed toward a very special camp. A camp that will let her revisit the urges she had in her youth. Urges to experience beautiful women. And when she spots drummer Ross that first night, the urges get stronger.

A lovely story of self discovery and passion. Tripp truly manages to strike the balance of excitement and anxiety involved in going after a desire for the first time. I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of camp and the delicious anticipation on Lisa's part. Ross was truly crush-worthy and definitely the kind of girl any woman would want for her steamy and sweet first time.

I've never read Velvet Tripp's work before. So yay me! Reading a wonderfully written story by an author new to me on this rainy, gray day. :)

Check out the book HERE.
And the author HERE.

There you go. No muss, no fuss, just a brand new fun thing to do. Goodness knows, I have enough books on that shelf to keep this up for quite a while!



  1. Sounds great! But if I keep adding to my TBR list I'll have to find a way to injure myself so I'm laid up long enough to read everything on it!

    Bah - I'll find a way. Great idea by the way.

    And yes, I LMAO at the image of you blindfolded with a ruler. See? Not dead. :P

  2. I love this! Both the selection method, and the way of diving into your contributor copies. Keep it up!


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