Sunday, June 2, 2013

You know that episode of Supernatural where everyone has their own personal...

Heaven? Yeah, that. I went to the garden place to grab the last of our veg to plant. Ended up with a fingerling eggplant, a Mr. Stripey tomato (could NOT resist the name. And that it's heirloom), another jalapeno plant and some kind of pretty purple flower that is said to attract butterflies and hummingbirds (not what's shown). Pollination baby! Sadly, still no cilantro anywhere!

Anyway, there were rows and rows and rows of beauties and they were playing B.B. King on the overhead. I pretty much thought I'd found my heaven. And it didn't hurt that the cute young thing that worked there and asked if I needed help said, "Finding everything you want, hon?" And not...*grits teeth* "ma'am" LOL.

What's funny is I was never a gardening person before. Plants and dirt and sweating did nothing for me. But after 8 years of being a full-time writer and being inside hunched over a computer so much, I am truly starting to find real joy in playing in the dirt and trying to grow things to eat. Go figure.

Now to go plant my boon.

Hope your Sunday is full of butterflies and sunshine.


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  1. Looks lovely. :D Peaceful too. Enjoy darling.


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