Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Big day!

After a few snafus yesterday--meaning no radiation OR chemo--treatment for the man began today. Finally. It all seemed to go pretty well. Yay!

Also yay! It is girl child's 15th today (sob!). My baby is 15. And since I am basically perpetually 15 on the inside, we are now the same age.

Happy Birthday, girl child! I made her this...

And the third and final yay is the inaugural volume of the new Coming Together: Treasures line is my volume :) Thirteen is my lucky number and there are thirteen tales in this book. All proceeds go to who have already been invaluable to us with information about pancreatic cancer. So go buy a copy and do a good deed by reading dirty.


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  1. Happy Belated to the girl child! That was also my bday - no ages though. Let's just say I'm perpetually in my teens as well. :D Amazing sign. And glad first treatments went well. (I'm catching up - I'm slow I know...)


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