Monday, July 22, 2013

Blindfolded Book Reviews: Girl Fever edited by Sacchi Green

Oh, I'm at it again. Last night I shut my eyes and poked the shelf. Now that's not nearly as dirty as it sounds. If Blindfolded Book Reviews is new to you, HERE are the rules. 

This week's lucky poked book is Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians (another Cleis volume, thank you very much) edited by Sacchi Green. The lucky table of contents poke was Taste of My Woman by Giselle Renarde. Which was awesome because it's always fun to poke Giselle.

Let me nutshell the story:

Taste of My Woman is all about longing and needing to get off and missing your woman and yes...chocolate. This super short story takes place entirely over the phone and yet manages to evoke all the kinky, lovely, yummy images and cravings that a person-to-person story would. There's even a nibble of getting caught in the act in there for fun. So um...whew. Is it hot in here? I think my chocolate melted...

There ya go. Just enough to make you feverish to get your hands on this hot little book. It's so cute, might I say, but packed with 69 short stories of lesbian love. Edited by Sacchi Green who always puts together magical anthologies. You can't go wrong.

Now seriously. Someone get me some more chocolate. And a phone...



  1. Oooh - see, another one on my TBR list. Sommer, I'm telling you, if I get into trouble by my man for ordering more books, I'm sending him your way.

  2. And Sommer herself has two stories in the book!


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