Monday, July 15, 2013

Indie Shout Out

I'm reading a lot right now. A lot. I have been, for the last several years, a much slower reader than I am accustomed to. I used to read a few books a week and be hungry for more. But when you write all day, every day, you get to a point where your head is full of words. If you're like me, that only leaves X amount of space to read and absorb what you're reading.

Until what's going on now with the man occurred. Now I read in waiting rooms, I read in line at the pharmacy, I read more in the evening--it is my great escape--and I find myself reading all kinds of stuff.

Somewhere along the way I picked up Deb Baker. I discovered it last week on my Nook. I've been reading her first Gertie Johnson book in the waiting room at radiology oncology. Must say, I love it. It's fun, it's a cozy, there's mystery and humor and some wonderfully fun characters. So, I'm giving Gertie and her creator Deb Baker a shout out today. You'll probably seem more of these as we wend our way through the long weeks of treatment. I love to pass on a thumbs up for any book that's helped me escape and pass the time.

If cozy mysteries are your cup of tea and you have a few spare bucks, go grab the four pack. I think it's a whopping $7.99 for four books. That's not even one traditional paperback nowadays. Support indie writers. Rock on.

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