Sunday, July 14, 2013

it all starts with a kiss...Sunday Snog

I always plead my case for Victoria Blisse's Sunday Snog, don't I? It starts with a ya know, it counts. And this week is no different. A little nibble from one of my favorite novels, Calendar Girl. Probably a fave because I made myself laugh out loud so many times while writing it. I always consider that a success. Though in my family we call laughing at your own jokes "self humor". Heh.

Ta and da. Have a lovely Sunday. For more snogs to go VB's site and peruse.


From Calendar Girl by Sommer Marsden

It had gotten hot and heavy fast with Alan and I. He was all the normal, calm, non-polished, big lug man that Stefan hadn’t been. Stefan had been soft spoken and in control. Very self assured, very in control. Alan had a big booming voice and an easy nature, and really, you just wanted to hug him after the first 30 seconds of knowing him.
For our first date we went to Fisherman’s Fancy, a small local eatery where they served the best hush puppies and fried fish. Some cold beer, a lot of flirting and some stolen kisses.
‘So your brother is gay and he liked me?’
‘I think he still does.’ We’d spoken on the phone a few times, Alan and I, and his voice did weird things to my insides. It was a deep, dark voice that almost made you feel dirty. Like listening to him say filthy things would be good. His hand slid a bit higher up my thigh and I knew I had to decide. First date. Fuck him or not?
‘That’s nice. He’s a nice guy. Things like that don’t bother me. People are people, right?’ He laughed, leaned in, kissed me with his soft lips. ‘That was a song, right?’
‘Depeche Mode,’ I said, letting his tongue rim my lips before opening for him to kiss me harder. That was it, I’d sleep with him. He didn’t care that my gay brother wanted to hump him like a horny monkey. That sealed his adorableness for me.
‘Right. I remember now.’ He started to hum even as he kissed me and the vibration of it worked through my chest, down into my belly, lower still to rumble softly in my pussy.
‘Take me home,’ I said, sliding my hand high on his thigh, letting the tips of my fingers graze the hard cock secured in his khakis.
‘Christ,’ Alan said more to himself than to me. He raised his finger at the waiter in the universal ‘cheque please’ signal. ‘Are you sure?’
The fact that he even double checked made me want him that much more. ‘I am so sure I could burst into flames,’ I said, and leaned in nipping his throat with my teeth while the waiter finished our cheque. His cock was hard and long under my hand and I was feeling rather excited to see it up close and personal. It felt different than Stefan’s and Stefan’s had been way different than Drake’s. Before my husband, I’d only been with one other guy and his had been ... well, his had been unfortunate. This did not feel unfortunate.
‘While you take care of that, I have to powder my nose,’ I said. I didn’t really have to powder my nose. I wanted to make sure my panties were straight and my stockings looked good and that I didn’t have any toilet paper stuck to my naughty bits or God forbid, my dress. My cell rang in the short, dark hall to the bathroom.
‘Hello?’ I whispered.
‘Where are you?’ Jeffrey whispered back. Why was he whispering too? I told him. ‘Ah, shama-lama-ding-dong!’ he cried and I rolled my eyes. I knew where this was going. ‘You will have hot, mad, insane monkey sex with this man before the evening is through,’ Jeffrey said in his best fake psychic voice.
‘No shit, Sherlock,’ I hissed, pushing into the rest room. An elderly woman with hair dyed the colour of a brand new penny looked up, alarmed. Then she frowned at me. I smiled and gave her a pinky wave while Jeffrey yammered. ‘He’s into something dirty. Kinky, dirty fun is what he wants from you. Mark my words. He’s got something up his sleeve. OK, so I’m lying. It’s in his nightstand.’ He laughed at his own joke and I checked myself in the full length mirror.
‘What man doesn’t?’ I growled.
‘True, but I sense something that will make even you, my lovely Merritt, go hmm.’
‘Mark my words. Now I’m off to take your brother to the Pink Elephant.’
‘What?’ I yelped and penny-head gave me another glare while she ran a hot pink lipstick over her thin mouth.
‘We’re going to–’
‘No. Diddling. My. Brother,’ I managed.
Miss red hair, pink lips yelped and scurried out of the ladies’ room like whatever I had was catching.
Jeffrey cackled madly and tsked. ‘Merritt, do not be that way. Honey, he’s your brother. Which makes him nearly my brother. That would practically be incest for goodness sake!’ Then he hung up.

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  1. LMAO - I simply adore Jeffrey. I think he might be one of my favourite characters of yours. Need I mention once again how much I love this book? I need? ok.

    I LOVE THIS BOOK! :P *hearts and flowers all over*


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