Friday, July 26, 2013

Playing hooky...

is good for the soul. Not total hooky, mind you. Still up early and running to treatment, but the last two afternoons after that and my morning wordage I tossed boy child and girl child in the car and off we went. To that lovely pool under a lovely sky on two lovely days. July days in Baltimore are usually about as fun as being wrapped in a wet wool blanket. So the weather was a treat. The pool was a treat. The hooky was a treat. Sitting with my kids and talking and reading some and floating some with 98 Rock on the radio...treat.

I promise to give you a non-rambling blog soon. But in the meantime, go to the post below if you want to enter my full-dirty-bookshelf contest. You could win a book and one of the three books to be given away will contain a supah sekrit gift card tucked inside. For Barnes and Noble. A book that holds a card for...more books! It's like magic :)

Happy Friday.


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